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Join the National Speakers Association

Once national membership is achieved, you are eligible to join the Chapter. Not a member of NSA? Go to to learn more.

Becoming A Member of NSA New Orleans
If you have an interest in becoming a speaker and would want to join our chapter, we suggest you attend one our Professional Development Workshops as a guest. Meet everyone. Check us out. There are no high pressure tactics to join. No one must become a member to participate in our workshops. An individual can continue to attend every workshop as a guest. The monthly costs are higher for guest but that choice can be made.

If your interest is high, we’d welcome helping you work on becoming a National Speakers Association (our national organization) member. If you wish to be a part of a like-minded community of speaking professionals, a community where the pursuit of knowledge and the sharing of ideas is a way of life, our chapter workshops are the place to start. Our chapter offers a vast universe of learning opportunities for our members, friendship for guest, participation and growth for those attending chapter activities.

Accelerate Your Career in Professional Speaking
Each month, our program focuses on one of the components necessary to build a successful speaking business. Our members also subscribe to the NSA Code of Ethics and the guidelines noted in our chapter By-laws.

Chapter Leadership Awards
NSA New Orleans also offers opportunities for members to grow their leadership and service skills. Our chapter has long recognized the Chapter Members of the Year. In 2004, the Board of Directors created a new leadership award named after the original recipient, Billy Arcement. The Billy Arcement Leadership Award which will become an annual presentation, is the highest award for service a member can receive and is equivalent in statue to the Cavett, the most prestigious award given annually by the National Speakers Association to one of its over 4000 members.

Membership Levels:
As an affiliate chapter of the National Speakers Association, we are governed by the policies and by-laws of the association. Currently, if one wishes to become a member of a local chapter, they must first qualify and join the national organization.

To be eligible for national membership, you only need to meet ONE of the following professional membership criteria:

Option 1: You have received compensation for 20 or more presentations within the 12 months prior to application. Supporting documentation can be any of the following: contracts, paid invoices, check copies, speaker agreements, tax returns or documents showing revenue has been generated as a result of your speaking engagements.

Option 2: You have given 20 or more presentations to audiences of 15 or more as part of a salaried position within the 12 months prior to application. Supporting documentation: a letter from your employer.

Option 3: You have earned $25,000 or more giving presentations (number of speaking engagements does not matter) within the 12 months prior to application. Supporting documentation can be: contracts, paid invoices, check copies or tax returns showing speaking income.

The documentation must be submitted to our national organization. If accepted, you must pay the required dues to become a member of NSA. Once national membership is achieved, you are eligible to join the local chapter. NSA New Orleans Chapter dues for national members are $95.00 per year and includes a listing on this website.

Academy for Professional Speaking
The Academy for Professional Speaking is exclusive to those aspiring to become a professional speaker. The Academy will not only teach you how to become a professional speaker, it will give you the opportunity to learn from successful speakers who know what it takes to succeed – both on the platform and in business. You will discover the marketing, product development, authorship and presentation skills you need to be successful.

The Academy consists of eLearning and the one-day Cavett Institute, named after NSA founder Cavett Robert, CSP, CPAE. This meeting kicks off NSA’s annual national Convention and features programming for people who want to turn their passion for speaking into a full-time profession.

There are no requirements to enroll and no set length to your participation. You can participate in the Academy until you qualify for Professional membership. With an investment of a $175 initiation fee and $49 a month, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of this program. Get a head start on your speaking career. Call 480-968-2552 with any questions.